Collect ideas, drive customer discussion & see what requests are trending

Customer feedback software designed for better feedback insights.

Customer feedback software ideaboard screenshot

A Leaderboard of trending Ideas

The 'Trending' tab sorts the most popular upvoted ideas first so you can see exactly what your customers want using real data.

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A space for customer feature Ideation

Empower customers (or employees) to suggest features, ideas or improvements they'd like to see in your product.

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Easy Roadmapping

Set custom roadmap statuses for individual Ideas when your team decides to start working on them, so your customers know what's next and that their feedback was listened to!

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View key customers & activity data

Get a stunning dashboard to visualise your customers who've contributed to the Ideaboard, understand the most popular ideas and who's contributing most to your Ideaboard.

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Filter ideas by customer

View ideas from your most active customers, employees or community members.

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Drive customer discussion with commenting

Get social with your customers and see what drives them, their needs and collect qualitative data on what to do next.

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Tag Ideas for easy filtering & discovery

Ideas can be tagged by their creator so other customers can find similar Ideas to discuss or show support, preventing duplication of Ideas.

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Fully embeddable in your website or software

Ideaboards are mobile responsive and can be embedded inside your website or software under your own domain name, with your own logo branding.

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