You don't care about Feature requests. You care about happy customers.

That's why you need our Feature voting software that helps B2B SaaS companies have happier customers and less churn.

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See what Features your customers want most so you have total peace of mind your development efforts won't be in vain.

Case Study: Ty Duran

Read the Case Study and see how Ty Duran and the team at fast growing SaaS Marketplan found product success with ProductFlare.

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Key Features

user upvoting

Users can upvote Features and your team can assess demand.

Single sign on

Identify your users who contribute to your roadmap automatically.

Custom cname domain

Your roadmap on your own custom domain.

forum & discussion

Host discussions with commenting and replies around individual Features.

kanban feature boards

Backend Feature management for your team so they can collaborate together.

assign features to team

Assign Features to your engineers, designers or anyone on your team.

custom statuses

Categorise Features on your customer Roadmap using your own statuses.

embed changelog widget

Embed a changelog widget on your website to alert users of new releases.

chrome extension

Capture & import feedback from your live chat, social media or ticketing tools.

Up to 1 Team Member (You)
1 Room
Live Chat Support
Unlimited User Contributors

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Sean @ Zapier

“I've seen other apps try to do this, but this one is a lot cleaner. What has caught my attention with ProductFlare is that it provides a way for our customers to better vote and share their opinions on what we could prioritize.”

Ted @ Box

“ProductFlare is a great idea! At Box, we used Trello to try and hack this, but this format is much better!

Max @ Cloudability

"Really freaking cool! This is a great way to funnel in requests, especially with plans to integrate with tools like Slack etc."

Ty Duran @ Marketplan

"ProductFlare is an incredibly easy way to manage our feature requests, voting, dev stages and even our changelog. Very clean, responsive and it just keeps getting better with the awesome team behind it."

Bob @ Artin Education

"The ProductFlare team has been super helpful with everything! The software functions smoothly, for both internal employee use and external client use. I love the fact that they're continually improving on it!"

David @ Death To The Stock Photo

"Getting rolling with ProductFlare has been really smooth so far... which is rare."

*Testimonials above were acquired while ProductFlare was operating under the original brand name 'Treefort'. For continuity, we have changed 'Treefort' to ProductFlare in the testimonials.

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