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Develop roadmaps that your users will love, prevent information slippage and align your whole organisation on what you are building. It's the glue between your customers, product & engineering teams.

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Build User Friendly Roadmaps

Build branded, easy to use and integrated roadmaps to let your customers see what's up next and make feature suggestions in 1 click.

Drive User Discussions Around Your Product

The best SaaS have strong communities who help each other - build yours in one platform.

Keep Users Looped In With Changelog Widgets

Just pushed a new feature? Automatically notify everyone who wanted it.

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See how Marketplan found success with ProductFlare

Your users don't need any separate accounts to contribute.

Reduce feedback friction with Single Sign On - your users don't need to create any external accounts to leave feedback and everything is tracked to their user account on your software.

Let your users help guide your Roadmap.

See what your users want most from you so you can be sure you're building the right stuff. You'll never again waste time and money creating things your users never asked for!

Keep users engaged with product updates!

Just pushed a new feature? Boost user engagement by telling everyone who wanted it via email, automatically! Or, let your website visitors see what amazing new updates you've made to win their business with browser push notifications (coming soon).

Give your users the best feature-request experience

Stop mismanaging product feedback in multiple channels, or hacking together those pesky spreadsheets & Trello boards.

Communicate Directly

Host discussions on each topic or idea on your roadmap and let users contribute their thoughts.

No Coding Knowledge Needed

Don’t write a single line of code, ever. Get started instantly!

Fully Brandable

Brand your roadmap with your logo, colour scheme & custom domain, or embed it in your software or website! 

Embed Anywhere

Easy embedding directly into your dashboard, website or web app.

Integrates with the tools you already use

Send Features to your engineering team in Jira, create a issue in Github, 1-click import your cards from Trello or capture feedback anywhere with our Chrome extension.

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