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How Marketplan uses ProductFlare to funnel in feedback and feature ideas from their growing userbase

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"ProductFlare is an incredibly easy way to manage our feature requests, voting, dev stages and even our changelog. Very clean, responsive and it just keeps getting better with the awesome team behind it."


Before, they used a Trello board which led to multiple challenges for their team, but more importantly for their users:

  • There was no option to track ideas which users were submitting or who was contributing.

  • Their customers wanted to suggest ideas for new features but there was too much friction. Extra accounts were needed to sign up in order to contribute which resulted in less interaction.

  • Their team was losing track of the priority asks from the customer and who they should notify when they released a new feature they had worked hard on.

  • The Marketplan team was losing direction on where they were going and weren't sure what to build next.


After finding ProductFlare, MarketPlan now effectively gathers user suggestions for the future, feedback on the current version of their platform and, more importantly, let's their user base vote on upcoming features so the engineering team doesn't waste time on 'nice to have' features.

With ProductFlare's built in notification system, when their team would deploy a new feature or product update everyone who wanted it gets notified by email and this brings them back to their platform, improving their user retention and preventing churn.

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- Ty Duran, Founder & CEO of Marketplan

MarketPlan is a powerful software-as-a-service provider that offers marketing funnel planning software to small and medium sized companies and agencies.

Ty Duran, Founder & CEO of MarketPlan uses ProductFlare to funnel in all of their feature requests, ideas and other submissions in one trackable place so his team can prioritise what to build for the future of MarketPlan.

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