Beautiful roadmaps that drive user contribution

Stop hacking Trello boards together and start building what your customers really want! 


Accelerate and focus your product development process inline with what your customers want!

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Every user, feedback, vote & comment tracked.

ProductFlare integrates directly with your user database to automatically track contributions and link it to their user account so your team can see who wants what.

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Full control over your roadmap views.

Change privacy settings, attachments, commenting and more for your public roadmaps. You get full control over what your customers or users can do!

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Clean, easy to use dashboard.

Adding new roadmap features is as simple as typing and hitting enter. Tooltips around the platform answer those burning questions you may have as you get started!

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Customise and brand it as your own.

Change the colours, logo and even embed it in your website or SaaS to keep your roadmap on brand.

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Embed your roadmap in your app or website.

Embed a fully functional roadmap in your app, website or dashboard using our embed iframe feature.

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No external accounts needed unlike other tools.

Your users won't be presented with popups like this that require them to sign up to ProductFlare in order to contribute. ProductFlare integrates directly with your tool so no external accounts are require, reducing friction for your users.

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Integrate our app with 1000+ apps using Zapier!

Whenever a customer or user submits a new suggestion to a Roadmap, you can use Zapier to automatically trigger an action in another app, send an email, add a new card in Trello, notify your team on Slack and more!

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